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Top Tea House in London

At Lina's Tea Bar you’ll find nothing less than one of the most tranquil, relaxed tea houses in London. Our tea is fragrant and is made from excellent quality tea leaves, meaning each sip that you take will help you to relax and unwind. To make your experience more enjoyable, we have an assortment of cakes and …

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Never Too Earl-y For A Cup of Grey

Finding a perfect cup of tea is harder than it looks as everyone has different preferences and tastes. Therefore, we decided to create a place where all tea lovers could have a fun time. We make sure that we are always well stocked with all different types of teas. However, sometimes, tea alone is not enough, so we …
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Why Choose Us?

If you visit our tea house, we can serve you with different types of tea according to your moods. For example, if it is a cold and wet day, you might be in the mood for some green tea, or if it is a hot and sticky day, you might prefer some iced tea instead. Whatever your final choice is, we are always ready to make …

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